VPN software reviews

vpn-reviewsA VPN (or virtual private network) is a technology that allows a series of computers separated by significant distances, to connect to one another as if on a local area network (or LAN) by use of special protocols online. This technology is used by a myriad of industries for a multitude of purposes.

VPN technology allows a host of much-loved modern systems to function, including cloud hosting and computing, location-independent gaming networks and of course proxies.

But, not all VPN providers are created equally.

Like with any service, there are costly, high-end VPN providers and then there are cheap (sometimes even free) low-end VPN providers. When shopping for a provider, most will know exactly what levels of performance they need to achieve their goals.

They may not be able, however, to glean from the providers’ very market-oriented sites, which ones meet and/or exceed these criteria. This can make the shopping experience for VPN service very troublesome, not unlike webhost shopping.

Fortunately, the internet has reviewers of everything that exists in modern times, and that thankfully includes VPN services.

With the help of a very in-the-know VPN reviewer, the tedium of finding a provider meeting the desired criteria moves from something of a trial and error exercise into a simple, informed shopping experience.

Most solid VPN reviews look at five criteria above all else – anonymity, support, speed, price and reliability. Some of these may seem fairly obvious in their relevance, but others perhaps not as much so.

Anonymity is actually probably the most important factor with VPN, even if it might not seem so outright. While a VPN acts like a LAN, allowing file sharing, remote access and so forth, it’s still carrying over the internet. This means that it’s technically exposed to the world where a LAN physically is not.

As a result, good VPN providers have top notch encryption and security measures in place, and good VPN reviewers look very closely at this.

Reliability is probably the second most important thing – reliability in the case of VPN providers is “uptime”, or the amount of time in which the system’s operational as it should be. It’s important for peace of mind as well as practical use, for the system to always be there and ready for use when it’s needed.

In light of reliability’s importance and the fact that technology loves to malfunction where it can, support’s importance can never be overstated. A solid staff of support people who can answer any questions and quickly resolve any issues be they technical, financial or otherwise is the mark of a solid company.

Speed is of course important – slow VPNs would result in slow internet even if a user has a fiber connection.

Price, however, isn’t in and of itself a “make or break” facet with most reviewers. A good VPN reviewer knows that a cheaper VPN with somewhat reduced (but still upstanding) service quality may be necessary for budgeting requirements or other financial limitations. However, a solid reviewer knows to never direct a reader in a direction based exclusively on price!

Buy Real Instagram Followers and Likes

Social media marketing is still a relatively new and growing industry. Purchasing likes and followers on Instagram is just one facet of this industry. Instagram is a social media network that allows users to add videos and pictures, modify them with filters, and share them on other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has been around since 2010. People who wish to gain popularity on Instagram can purchase genuine followers and likes for their Instagram page.

Buying Instagram followers and likes is the easiest way to get popular.

Buying followers and likes is the easiest way to get popular.

There are over 150 million active users on Instagram, and it is available in 25 languages. Instagram is a great way to reach a young, hip client base. Popularity of posts and user pages is very important on Instagram. Instagram uses a special algorithm to decide which users will make the popular page on its site. Likes and followers are a large part of their formula.

There are many other reasons for buying followers and likes on Instagram. Photographers who have popular Instagram accounts have been offered prestigious jobs. People promoting businesses will want to have followers and likes to appeal to new customers. Other people want to promote their blogs or websites via Instagram. Having many likes and followers on a page will often create a kind of snowball effect, allowing a user to go viral with their page or post. Whatever the reason, there will probably be a package offered that will meet each customer’s needs.
Likes are cheapest thing to purchase, and they can be bought in various amounts ranging from 100 to 10,000. Followers can also be purchased for slightly more money, in packages ranging from 500 to 10,000. Since the followers are real users, Instagram will not delete your account, and it will not be marked as spam.

Another service offered is instant likes. The customer purchases a set amount of likes. Each time a picture is posted, it will receive a certain amount of likes. Packages start at 50 likes per post, and top out at 5,000 likes per post. Once the likes run out, customers will want to purchase another package.

Companies that sell likes and followers promise a high level of customer service. They offer genuine followers, not followers or likes from spam accounts. You can buy real Instagram followers and they will be people with pages that appear real, containing pictures and friends. No spam bots will appear on your page. The sites guarantee that the followers will continue to follow your page for at least a set amount of time, and if they do not, new followers will be sent at no charge.

Likes are said to be sent within hours, if not sooner. When you buy Instagram likes your order will be completed within 24 hours, but some larger orders could take longer to complete. Also, English speaking customer support is offered around the clock, in case users have problems or questions. Additionally, customers that use the services regularly will be offered special discounts.

The companies promise that the services are preformed anonymously and that no one will know which Instagram users have bought their likes and followers. No information should be sold to third-parties. The services are guaranteed to be performed within a certain amount of time, depending on the size of the order. There are several ways to pay for the order, including credit cards, Bitcoin, and Amazon web payment.

Instagram is a great way to promote photos, a business, website, or blog. However, having likes and followers is important to the success of an Instagram account. Buying followers and likes is one way to ensure that your account – and your business, website, or blog – gets the attention it deserves.

Want To Get Fit But Don’t Know Where To Start? Check Out These Fitness Tips First!

The tips found below can clear up some questions you may have.

Working out with a trainer can help you overcome any jitters you might have about going to the gym as a beginner. This will help you get a great start on your workout plan.

You can substantially boost your fitness level by walking. For increased effort, walk by pushing off your heel and going to your toe. Exercise your arms too, since you can bend elbows and swing arms with every step. Take a look at this maxtrainer review for a cardio machine that you may consider investing in for your home to get more results from your walking activities.

Your average push-ups are excellent for fine-tuning your triceps. But not the standard push-up, if you turn your hands with the fingers facing towards each other, it will target the triceps. When you do pushups this way, you'll have the triceps targeted and strengthened more effectively.

Well-developed thigh muscles are the best protection for your knees. Torn ligaments behind your kneecap are a sports injury that is quite common. Making your hamstrings and quads stronger protects you knees from those kinds of injuries. Leg curls and extensions are a few activities you can try.

Try exercising during all of your favourite television shows in order to help you continue to lose weight. Develop an exercise break during your show, or just stand up and move around in place when a commercial comes on. Lift small weights instead of vegging out on the sofa. You will always find some amount of time to squeeze a workout in, no matter how busy you are.

It's a great idea to jot down a few notes about your day's exercise in a fitness journal. Write down your regular workouts and all other exercise you did during the day. Buy a pedometer that you can use to track how many steps you take each day and include that in your record, also. Seeing everything in writing will help you to determine what is working best for you and will best help you toward your goals.

Strong core muscles are of the utmost importance. Every physical activity you engage in will be positively influenced by a strong core. Sit-ups are one exercise that will help your core to become stronger. Sit-ups build your core and expand your motion range. This will make your ab muscles to work harder and longer.

You need to have good footwear when you are working out. When you don't wear shoes specifically designed for the activity you are doing, you are risking injuring your legs and feet. Also, you will have tired feet after you work out, and you will not be able to do it as long.

Whenever you work out make sure that you have comfortable clothes on. At some gyms you may find are more like fashion shows than a place to exercise, and you may feel pressure to dress accordingly. Choose clothes that appeal to you and fit well, so that you can enjoy your workout. The right clothes will help you focus on fitness and not on what you're wearing.

Aim for a pace between eighty RPM and one hundred-ten RPM while bicycling. If you stay within this zone, you can go further without fatigue, and also reduce your chance of injury. Count each time your leg comes up within a time span of 10 seconds and multiply it by six and you'll have your pace. This should help you to find a pace that is right for you.

Flexing your glutes when you do a rep is recommended when lifting weights over your head. Not only does this give your butt a good workout, but it also helps to decrease the risk of injury by forcing your body to more effectively position itself. This position will allow you to be more stable because it stabilizes the spine.

Exercise burns a lot of calories, but not as much as some dieters wish it would. It can be damaging to go to extremes when it comes to exercise, though. Doing this comes with a host of risks, including cardiovascular problems, muscle damage and dehydration. Also, if you exercise for too long, fat won't be burned, anyway.

Wear comfortable shoes that fit you well when exercising. Try to purchase shoes later in the day after your feet have had a chance to spread. You know a shoe fits you properly when the space between your big toe and the shoe measures half an inch. If you can't move your toes, it's too tight.

Try doing real sit-ups along with your crunches when you work out. Sit-ups may be dated, but they still offer plenty of benefits. Do not use anchored-feet sit-ups. Anchored sit-ups are bad for your back muscles.

Before you start a weight lifting program for your arms, define the goals that you wish to achieve. Heavier weights are the key to building more muscle mass. Try building your arms by doing more reps with less weight, it will tone your arms.

When you are stretching it is vital that you don't bounce your body. This is because bouncing causes your muscles to strain too much. Despite what most people think, bouncing during stretching does not boost your flexibility. As a matter of fact, doing so is an invitation to injury. So remember, stretching effectively requires stability, which doesn't include bouncing.

Everyone's approach to a fitness routine may be different, but we all share a universal goal of wanting to get healthy and look great.

Work To Become A Better Trader

Are you a beginner in trading, but you already are very disappointed with all the bad moves you have made? Have you lost all the enthuziasm you had only a few weeks ago and you are ready to stop? You should not do this! If you like what you are doing, then you should not waste time anymore and direct your attention to the helping tools now available, tools that can absolutely transform you into an amazing, professional trader who places excellent investments. Working with stocks is complicated and things have become even more complicated in the last few years, as sudden market changes and moves are more and more often. This is what makes the trading market such an unpredictable environment and the reason why so many traders have chosen to give up and direct their attention to other ways of making money. What you have to do is to start using excellent trading tools, such as the binare optionen 60. In just 60 seconds, a well interpreted binary option sign can help you make an excellent investment or it can help you avoid a very bad one. 

Choose to check out the Anyoption Erfahrung, which is the experience of an amazing platform that opens up a completely new financial world to you. Binary options trading is amazing and it is the type of trading that comes with less risks for you as a trader and with better investments that bring bigger profits. Don't you think that you should not waste time anymore and learn as much as possible about interpreting binary options signals? Numerous traders are already learning more about binary options trading and you should absolutely be one of them. You can be sure of the fact that you are not going to regret the choice of using binary options as helping tools for your trading activity. 

Vitamins That Make You Look Younger

instantly ageless argireline

Your diet plays an important role in promoting a healthy and young looking skin. In addition to using instantly ageless argireline, ensure that you take healthy meals rich in the following vitamins too. In fact if you research on some of the skin care products that you use, you will realize that some of the ingredients are the vitamins. Vitamin c is very important for good skin health. It is also an antioxidant hence it has many benefits for your skin. Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruits and green leafy veggies as well. Ensure that you also take vitamin c supplement on a regular basis.

Another important vitamin you must incorporate in your diet is vitamin E. in fact most body creams and beauty products contain this vitamin as well. It is therefore important to ensure that you also take supplements rich in such vitamins. They include pumpkins, fruits and certain fish a swell. Eating almonds and drinking plenty of green teas will also help you improve the health of your skin. Finally ensure that you drink plenty of water as well. This is vital for general body health but it also greatly benefits the skin too. Take care to ensure that you also get some tips on essential supplements you must take for better skin health.

Fitness Tips For People Of All Ages

Beat the odds- don't just think about improving your fitness level, actually do it! Unfortunately, many do not achieve that goal. Anyone who wants to get into good physical shape will need to be totally dedicated. The article below will help you stick to your goals and accomplish them!

Setting a goal will help you stay motivated. This makes you want to beat each goal or record instead of being concerned about the difficulty to do so. If you have goals in mind, you're also less likely to quit, as you'll want to see through the things you've started.

Begin with smaller machines when you start weight lifting. Small muscles tire before bigger ones, so it is logical to work with small weights before moving onto larger weights. Also, this process can create a better transition when you lift heavier weights.

When you decide to begin a fitness program, make sure that you consider all of your options. There are so many activities that offer a great workout that the gym isn't necessary. Finding an activity you like is crucial for maintaining motivation, especially if you have never worked out before. Check out this article for more tips on how to start a fitness program in order to get results from it: http://www.Fitadvisor.blogspot.com/2015/04/what-fitness-program-is-right-for-you.html

If you want to go to the next level, consider hiring a personal trainer. Not only can a trainer have expert information, but trainers are notorious for keeping clients stay motivated. Some people may not like having a personal trainer, but for some, it makes all the difference in the world.

Get shoes that are going to help you complete each exercise you do with ease. If you were shoes that are properly designed for a specific activity, you risk leg and foot injury. Not to mention, your feet will become uncomfortable more quickly and can lead to discouragement during your workouts and a higher chance of leaving the gym early.

When you are cycling, you will want to aim to maintain your pace between 80 and 110 rpm. This helps put less strain on your knees and it helps you ride quicker and longer without getting tired. To ascertain what your pace currently is, count how often you right leg raises in a 10 second period, and then multiply this by 6. Try to maintain this rpm.

Try kickboxing as a form of exercise. Kickboxing is an intense workout, and fun as well. Kickboxing burns massive calories while helping you gain strength.

Break your run down into three sections. Start slowly, and work up to a pace that is normal. The last 1/3 should be faster than the rest of the run. This pattern improves endurance and total distance over time.

When you are trying to start a fitness routine, try walking your dog. Dogs love to be walked. They will appreciate you making them a part of your routine. Take it slow. Cover a block or two in your first walk, and then you can add more distance over time. Have a workout partner is just one of the perks of owning a dog.

If you want to find a way to get more of a work out do some yard work. Nearly every yard needs something done to it, and you need the exercise. It's a great combination. Get out and improve your pace at least once a week to provide yourself with much needed physical activity. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood, and you'll have a better body as a bonus.

Building stronger abdominal muscles will really help improve your general fitness level. A good way to work your abs is to do sit-ups each morning, either with weights or without. Having strong abs allows your body more flexibility, which helps to improve your lifting abilities.

Weight belts are a great accessory to train with, but only if you are lifting very heavy weights. Over extended periods of time, a weight belt can actually do more damage than help. Your muscles in your back and abs become weaker and more prone to injury.

You can achieve excellent physical fitness with the use of dumbbells and barbells along with the bench. Picking just the right bench can really help to make your workout powerful. As a rule, if you can feel the wood underneath the cushion of the bench when lying down on it, you should look in another direction. These benches could cause issues with your spine.

Scheduling yourself for a daily dose of exercise is a great way to improve your fitness. Daily exercise will maximize the impact of the work you put into getting fit. It also makes exercising habitual. Be sure to have some less rigorous days so your body isn't overworked.

Find a way to integrate workouts into your cleaning routine. If you're cleaning a spill or stain on the floor, try doing lunge reps. Do a few push-ups after scrubbing the toilet! Every little bit will add up to big changes in your body.

Have you ever heard that you can jog and that's all you need to build up your stamina when you exercise? You need to start slowly and build up your time as you go along. Have a goal of keeping your heart rate beating at 75% of your personal max. This for many is somewhere in the 120 to 150 bpm range.

Running is great cardiovascular exercise. It's good for your brain, heart and lungs. In addition, it builds leaner muscle, and it burns calories. Aerobic exercise keeps the brain healthy by sending highly oxygenated blood to the brain. Research has also shown that these benefits from running work just as well against depression as drug treatments.

Keep working out opposite body parts when you get injured. For instance, if one arm is injured, it is important that you still workout the other arm professionals believe you can still gain strength in the opposite arm. This is because the muscle fibers are connected.

You can reach your fitness goal with the proper information. It might be hard, but it is not impossible. You will not get anywhere not doing anything! Use what you have learned here to get started.

Peaceful Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape design is the best way to add that perfect touch to your house and to produce a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in your backyard.

If you'd like to to landscape ones backyard, you will want to begin with an agenda. There are several ways that you could create a layout cover your landscaping ideas. The first way could be the simple pen in addition to paper method. For anyone who is a good musician, draw a sketch of your property and yard, along with what you need your finished design to check like. This technique is, of program, best for those that already have some idea about what they want. You can also search lawn care services in maine through the internet.

For anyone who is not an musician, or if you do not know exactly what you'd like to to do along with your yard, you may consider purchasing some type of landscape design computer software. Landscaping software can supply you with a professional looking layout, as well as let you play around with a number of different landscaping alternatives. With landscaping software you can tress, flowers, bushes, waterfalls, or everything else you like, in your photos with relieve, allowing you to visually see what exactly your finished design would resemble.

Items You Can Get At A Discount Using Quill Coupons

You can get the following items at a discount if you have the quill coupon. You should specifically get the quill coupons 2015 for office furniture and electronics. Again the printing equipments and accessories are also included in the coupon. It is true that office equipment is a bit expensive. One should aim at getting such expensive items at a discount. Furniture basically is very expensive. This is especially so if you are buying office furniture. There is a tendency to increase the price of such items simply because the company is paying for the supplies.  In fact many business entrepreneurs look forward to such business deals because they know that they will make high profits.

Well do not allow your business to be exploited. Ensure that you buy such items directly from online stores that offer the products at a lower discounted price. You should specifically be careful to gather as much info as possible. This way, you will save some money. From the ink, pens and printing paper to more expensive and bulky items such as furniture and electronics, you will get all these products cheaply. Ensure that you research on companies that are offering the products at a discount. Alternatively, get coupons to shop for such items at selected outlets.

How To Find Success In Your Weight Loss

Once you have made the decision to lose weight, carefully consider the options that will be the most effective for you.

Remain active to shed weight. There are many activities such as bike riding or walking. These will help you burn many more calories than watching and sitting TV. Try turning off your television and get out there and become active for best results.

People that wish to lose some weight need to be sure that they working in some exercise as well. Surprisingly, you don't have to exercise all the time if you want to be sure you don't weigh a lot. Working in time to exercise is not easy. However, it's easy to do things like park farther away from work or when shopping in order to increase your mobility level and burn extra calories. Walking an extra mile or two throughout the day can ensure those pounds don't sneak up on you.

Chunky soups can be very helpful as you work to lose weight. Although clear soups contain less calories, they will not satisfy your hunger. By avoiding creamy or pureed soups, you will feel fuller by choosing soups that contain vegetables or chunks of meat.

Have you heard of Nutrisystem helping many folks to slim with their weight loss meals? If you are wondering whether does nutrisystem really work, you can simply do a search on forums to read up on the pros and cons of this program.

Eat baked potato chips instead of the regular potato chip type to reduce fat consumption. Baked potato chips don't taste too different from fried chips but are far healthier–some brands have 30 percent less calories and fat!

Taking a multivitamin could improve your weight loss. Sometimes dieting can rob you of essential vitamins and nutrients. Taking multivitamins corrects this problem and ensures you get all the vitamins you need.

Eating breakfast is one of the best ways to achieve real weight loss. It might seem intuitive, but lots of folks assume it is better to skip breakfast. If you starve yourself at breakfast, you are more likely to overeat at lunch. It can even make you eat a snack early that you need to avoid eating.

Keep track of calorie consumption. Do this by counting calories at every meal and tallying it up at the end of the day. Once a person knows how many calories are needed, it will be easier to determine the optimal amount of food to be eaten.

You should avoid fad diets since they usually are lacking in balanced nutrition. Radical diets that have you avoid certain food groups can deprive your body of nutrients it needs. This in turn could be dangerous to your health. These fad diets that promise huge results almost overnight are common in the weight loss industry, however they always fade away as quickly as they show up. These diets generally fall off the radar quite quickly when their lack of long-term benefits are exposed.

Pay attention to what you drink when you are trying to lose weight. Everything that is not water has the possibility of derailing your hard work. All the calories from soft drinks, Kool-Aid, beer, etc. really add up. When tracking your diet, make sure you add in the liquid calories you consume, as well.

Try to go by how well your clothes fit, instead of constantly checking the scale. Completely ignore the scale. Weight can fluctuate daily and vary from one person to the next. It is impossible to know the weight that you will be satisfied at, so do not get too hung up on the numbers. Instead, focus on the clothes size that you want to fit into.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to reduce your caloric intake of fatty foods. There is twice the calories per fat gram as compared to a gram of protein or carbs. Don't eat foods that are high in fat and reduce your use of oil and dairy products. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies because adding this natural fiber to your daily diet will help you feel more satisfied while consuming fewer calories.

Eating cereal every day of the week has shown that it is good for losing weight. Cereal has many benefits like calcium and heart healthy fibers. You must not be tempted by the sugary cereals, as they do not carry the same benefits. Look for cereals that are whole grain, high in fiber, and low in added sugar.

The internet is full of magic cures these are best avoided. There's little proof they'll do any more than make you hooked on them. In most cases, you will not have enough information to make an educated decision about whether or not you should take the pill, so it is best to avoid it altogether.

Take physical breaks at work to increase your increase and energy your weight loss. If your job requires you to sit most of the time, you can still walk around the building during breaks to help you lose weight or prevent weight gain.

Sleep is critical to weight loss. Being healthy mentally can improve your physical health. Therefore, you should ensure you get around seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Losing sleep can lead to more tension and stress during the day, which can cause obesity. People who sleep a lot are often depressed and overweight.

A really good weight loss plan is to start the day off with a big breakfast, a lunch that is medium size, then the final meal should be a small dinner. If you eat meat and dairy, and carbs in the morning that can help too. You should consume these nutrients to burn earlier so that you can use them as the day goes on when necessary.

After reading this article, you should know more about different ways to lose weight. If you think a program matches your temperament and goals, you need to look into it more deeply.

What To Evaluate Before Choosing A Time Management Training For The Organization

Giving time management training to the employees of an organization is an effective measure to enhance their skills and productivity. They can learn how to be more productive using their time, how to accomplish results, and how to become organized and efficient in their work. The time management training even reminds them how to fight procrastination and laziness. Whatever the training is about, employees will surely get a thing or two which they can apply in their lives to realize great effects and work better.

The training must be able to identify first with the aim and relation of this system to work. By enabling employees to know how it will help them, they would be willing to participate inside the training. A great strategy to relay the purpose is to present to them the goals in the company. Highlight important details in order that they would know what they must accomplish by a particular period. You can also get detailed info about time management training via http://www.trainingconnection.com/business-writing-class.php.

The time management training must provide the employees basic tricks and tips on how to handle time well. Since the goals would have to be accomplished are laid out and about, they will have a step-by-step intend on how to maximize their own time and perform. The training must use a good segment talking regarding effective strategies the employees will use to kick-start work. A few of these include having a clean and conducive workspace, and using organization tools to produce work easier. Aside by these, the time management training should also cover important topics like holding effective meetings or managing e-mail.

Chiropractic Care for a Healthier Body and Life

Millions of people worldwide rely on chiropractic care to help them deal with body pain like neck and back pain. Body pain is one of the common reasons why people fail to do the things they love. Chiropractic is a health care service offered by a chiropractor. It is drug free and non-invasive. These two major characteristics of the treatment make it very popular to people these days. A chiropractor ensures that the musculoskeletal system of the body is in good condition to relieve the body from too much pain. Chiropractors often use their bare hands when it comes to doing the treatment. Manual manipulation is targeted on the joints, muscles, ligaments and tissues in the affected area or other parts of the body. To meet a reliable chiropractic professional, click this

Chiropractors use different natural methods in order to deal with health problems. The treatment plan is based on the specific needs of the patient. To do this, patients are required to undergo a full body evaluation through a series of test and examinations. Some of the methods used by a chiropractor are recommendation of therapeutic exercises, nutritional guide, change in lifestyle and stress management. All of these aims to offer fast relief to patients and making sure the comfort they feel could be enjoyed for a longer period of time. 

For most cases of body pain, the frequent option of sufferers today is chiropractic care. This is because it helps them avoid medicines. Many are already aware that medicines are addictive so when you take too much, you could be addicted to it and would always long for medication every time pain is felt. Of course no one wants to take painkillers for the rest of their life.  Even patients with chronic condition could be treated by a chiropractor. Aside from eliminating pain, patients would certainly enjoy better health and wellness.


Jane`s sad story – the robbery

Early this morning mom told me a bad news that Jane`s house was robbed last night. Thank God her family was out of town from a day when that burglary happened. After enjoyed my breakfast, I saddle up my bike and ride to her house which is only few meters away from our house.

All I saw was police officers

Plus the police line, lots of police cars and surrounding neighbor who also rushed to her house to see what happen. I saw Jane`s family car but didn`t saw any glimpse of her. Maybe they went home earlier after the robbery news. I met Joe there. He was there about an hour ago and I got a lot of information from him. His obsession to be reporter was activated at this morning. He said the robbers took almost everything inside the house. Start from the massive 60 inch led TV at their living room, their money, jewels, and even took their dogs away with them. What an evil robbery, right?

I heard many rumors

People also said that the 32 inch flat screen TV and laptops inside Jane`s bedroom was gone. All of the collections of his brother`s sneakers also gone. Her sister`s 32 Inch TV and her father`s golf stick too. People said their house was literally empty. But I heard any other news again. Too many rumors, I need to talk to Jane to console her or just to give her hug. This must be a really hard time for her family.

I was there till lunch

I went back to my house for lunch and after that rushed again to Jane`s house with hope able to see her. I did see her and waved at her. I approached her and instantly gave her hug. She cried but she said she was just fine. She just too upset at the moment. I offered her to sleep in my house if she wants but still got no answer from her. That must be really hard to be in this condition now.