December 6, 2014

DVD to DVD Copy

dvd-ripperHaving a large collection of favorite DVD movies, games, and videos of special occasions is a passion with some people. Building a good collection takes years and is a major financial investment. After such an effort, one would like to display the rows and rows of their beloved collection; however, this can be a risky proposition, because friends and relatives have a habit of casually ‘borrowing’ these DVDs. Unfortunately, such loans either never get returned, or they come back scratched and with smudges so that the DVD can’t be used again. To protect the investment and keep the originals in preteen condition, it is a good idea to make a backup DVD to DVD copy.

Having backups ensures that the original collection is maintained, while the duplicate can be kept for daily personal use. This way, special memories, like a child’s first steps or other special occasions, are preserved forever and only the duplicate copy gets lost or damaged. Should this happen, the original is still there to make another DVD to DVD copy.

Making a DVD to DVD copy is fairly simple, provided the right software is used. The DVD copy software carries out a number of functions besides making a DVD to DVD copy. A good DVD copy software should be compatible with a large range of formats, so the copies can be used on devices like iPods, Zunes and PSPs. The software should be able to burn a number of disc types, like single and dual-layer discs. This will allow the burned disc to be played on a PC DVD player along with the standard players.

Some other features to look for in a DVD to DVD copy is to see if it can burn a variety of disc types, like DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+/-R, and CDs. The DVDs being burned should be convertible to different formats like DVD to AVi, DVD to MPEG, or DVD to WMV, in addition to the DVD to DVD copy.

DVD cloner software is also known as DVD ripping software because they copy the DVD to a hard drive for storing, converting, or burning. An exceptional ripper will make a perfect1:1 copy without any loss of quality. Additionally, most rippers have advance functions like compressing, decryption, and selective DVD to DVD copy. Should a problem occur, the best applications will not stop working, only display error messages and explain the problems. These types of applications are more convenient to work with. Finally, the best software will be easy to use. It is pointless to have everything in software but not be able to use it. A good software can be used by anyone, whether it is a professional or families filming a reunion who can then rip and make a DVD to DVD copy for everyone.


Making a DVD to DVD copy essentially requires four things. The four items needed are the DVD that needs to be burned, a DVD player, DVD ripping software, and finally, some space on the hard drive. Before making the copy, make sure it is legal to do so, as it is not always legal to make copies. Launch the DVD ripping software, so it can read the DVD format and extract the information and store it on the hard drive. Insert the blank DVD into the drive. Click rip and choose the target folder. If it is a commercial movie which is being turned to a DVD to DVD copy, chances are that it is encrypted, so decryption software will also be needed. Just remember that standard copying does not need trans-coding, unless it needs to be shrunk.

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