August 14, 2014

DVD Movies vs Streaming Digital Media

As of right now it appears that DVDs don’t have much of a future. Soon enough they will be relegated to the realm of collectors and those who simply are hooked on discs. This is not unlike what occurred with vinyl records and the once extremely popular music CD’s. To see the future all you have to do is remember what it was like when the music industry traded CD’s for mp3s, and you know what will happen. Movie discs are likely to be replaced by digital download content and this will cause disc players to become obsolete.

And waiting in the wings to take their place are digital media players. For example, there’s Western Digital’s WD TV and Apple TV. While the demand for these players is increasing daily, the race is on to see which company can create and design the most complete and advanced media player, with plenty of new manufacturers wanting to grab a slice of the pie.

The funny thing is that while Netflix and its customers have essentially given up on DVD, Blue-ray discs and players continue to remain popular. So they aren’t likely to disappear any time soon. The big change is that streaming video services have now become better. They are more dependable and thus have seen their popularity increase. The reasons for this are several. For one, ISPs have been increasing their bandwidth capacity, and there are more devices and services available to bring video to your living room through the Internet. Also, Hollywood is making popular on-demand content more available.

Netflix Streaming Is Killing Off Physical Media — And Film Fans Should Be Worried

Netflix Streaming Is Killing Off Physical Media — And Film Fans Should Be Worried

Streaming Video, Steadily Improving

Don’t take it for granted that high-quality video-streaming technology is currently no threat to DVDs. It is.

Already it is estimated that media-streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix have about 40 million subscribers.

Video streaming is growing quickly as an easy and convenient method of viewing movies and TV shows on an HDTV, a computer, a Smartphone, or a tablet. Users now have plenty of ways to stream media content directly into their living room, and video options for tablets are swiftly expanding. This is thanks to the rapid growth of broadband and wireless.

In the end what it all boils down to is quality vs speed. For now consumers are still free to choose between high quality DVDs and video streams. Unfortunately for DVDs, it is predicted that their sales will drop consistently. They have already dropped by 30 percent during the early months of this year.

So for now the choice is really up to the consumer, but it won’t always be this way. In the not too distant future, video streaming will take down Blu-ray and DVD discs will become relics of the past.

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