August 5, 2014

Introduction to DVD Cloner Software

Each and every time you purchase a brand new DVD, you undoubtedly wish to keep it safe and protect your investment as much as possible. Due to the fragile nature of DVDs, however, this is not always easy to do; despite careful handling, they often incur scratches and chips which render them useless. Backing up your DVDs is a smart way to protect your investment; finding a way to do it that isn’t terribly expensive or technically difficult is not always easy. Among the many types of DVD copy software available today, DVD Cloner delivers many attractive features that can make keeping copies of your DVDs easier than ever before.


Features Of DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner boasts features that will impress even the most technically savvy users out there – while remaining simple enough for virtually anyone to use. The interface is easy to understand, helping it stand out from many other types of DVD copy software which have confusing or cluttered screens. DVD Cloner has a one-click interface that requires absolutely no advanced technical know-how. Step-by-step instructions walk users through the process, preventing mishaps and ensuring a smooth copying experience.

After burning is complete, DVD Cloner verifies the data and makes sure that the process went through without incident. The DVD copy software performs this function automatically, minimizing the likelihood of errors and glitches in the burned copy. An advanced chapter copy function allows users to create exact replicas of the DVD that they are burning; when played back, the burned DVD will present the exact same chapter breaks as the original copy did. This way, the annoying problem of being unable to use the skip chapter function in the burned copy is completely avoided – a technology that truly sets DVD Cloner apart among other kinds of DVD copy software

Advanced Capabilities

There are many key, advanced features with DVD Cloner. This software will successfully copy even the latest formats associated with DVD movies, ensuring a smooth and seamless playback on most machines. A large number of different encryption types are supported and can be copied with this DVD copy software. Advanced users will be able to perform many complex operations while copying DVDs with incredible ease. Copied versions of the DVDs burned using this program can be played back on most DVD players; additional features like batch copying make this an incredibly robust program.

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