July 29, 2014

Why copy DVDs

Copying DVDs that you do not own the rights to is illegal; this is especially true if you try to redistribute them in order to make money. However, having extra copies of the DVDs that you own is smart for many reasons. The biggest one is pretty obvious: DVDs are fragile; they can be scratched beyond recognition – and beyond playability – quite easily. Backing up copies of the DVDs you own allows you to protect your investment. It’s not terribly difficult to copy movies; you just need a computer and some DVD copy software.


There are many ways to copy a DVD. This example shows you just how.

How To Copy Movies

If you’ve never made copies of your DVDs before, it can sound like a daunting task. Most likely, you’ve hear people refer to “ripping” DVDs onto their computer’s hard drive; this is the most integral part of using any kind of DVD copy software, and it is a lot simpler than it sounds. Ripping a DVD to your computer’s hard drive simply means copying it to your PC – usually temporarily, but sometimes permanently if you have a lot of disk space and want to keep your movie as safe as possible.

Once you’ve ripped the DVD of your choice to your computer’s hard drive, you can begin to copy movies. While more experienced users can get away with doing this manually, most typical PC owners should use DVD copy software to perform the next step for them. There are many different programs available, and they all do the important work that is necessary after ripping a DVD to a computer’s hard drive.

What DVD Copy Software Does

The main reason you need to rip a DVD to your hard drive first is because most computers only have a single DVD drive; therefore, copying an original DVD onto a blank one is impossible without temporarily putting it somewhere on your computer. Once the DVD is on your hard drive, the DVD copy software grabs the file and begins copying it onto the blank DVD that it has prompted you to insert into your DVD drive. How quickly it works depends on the speed of your system and the length of the DVD.

Ultimately, DVD copy software will allow you to effortlessly copy movies right on your computer. You’ll be able to make backup copies of the movies you have purchased and protect the investments you have made. Once you’ve done it a few times, it will become effortless; you’ll be glad you started doing it the next time a DVD gets badly scratched or broken.

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